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Plastic mold rapid economic prospects are very broad

time:2017-02-14 20:54:57 From: Alina


Plastic mold rapid economic prospects are very broad

 Plastic mold rapid economic prospects are very broad. Present more varieties of small batch production era, the 21st century, this mode of production accounted for the proportion of industrial production will reach more than 75%. Thus, on the one hand is the use of plastic cycles, on the other hand pattern changes frequently, asked mold production cycle as short as possible. Therefore, the rapid economic development of the plastic mold will be more cause for concern. Analysis of Chinese injection molding machine mold Status and trends can be seen, along with the use of advanced technology, China's mold injection molding machine has been rapid development. However, compared with many developed countries, China is still a big gap, a lot of the injection molding machine mold design and manufacturing process also need to refer to foreign experience, a lot of sophisticated, high-end, complex molds also need to import.Chinese injection molding machine mold industry has developed rapidly


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