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injection molding machine

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injection molding machine

When rubber injection molding machine in production, use good mobility plastic nozzle prone plastic salivation, drooling is not only a waste of such material will also affect the quality of products, even interrupting production. To solve the problem of plastic salivation, existing common solution is to use the first three self-locking spring nozzle; the second is the use of a hydraulic control device to control the nozzle switch; the third is to reduce the nozzle aperture . For the first solution, since the spring lock nozzle has the advantage of cheap and widely used, but due to the large pressure loss, when converting liquidity fair or poor materials to replace the nozzle, while the spring at high temperatures prone to failure, it is generally a year and would replace a nozzle, and the current domestic spring up on the performance is not to IJ, often imported, high maintenance costs. For the second solution, using the hydraulic control device to control the nozzle switch is better, but the cost is too high and must install the appropriate software to control the rubber injection molding machine and therefore not widely used. For the third solution, reducing the nozzle aperture prone to gag, but rubber injection molding machine is difficult to completely prevent salivation, different injection materials still need to replace the corresponding nozzle.

  The improved system of two throttle maximum flow down to 0.1L / min, at this time the ejection lever velocity of 0.15m / s, indicating that the flow rate by adjusting the throttle valve to control the movement of the hydraulic cylinder speed. The maximum flow rate is adjusted to a throttle of 0.7L / min, the right of the solenoid valve 2 after power failure, the movement speed of the ejection lever is about 0.092m / s. Because of the relative energy loss is slightly above normal after a single valve solenoid valve in parallel, so the speed of a single valve using the improved relative improvement before slow 0.008m / s. The above results can be seen: the control solenoid valve through power outages, improved system can achieve two speed, and by adjusting the throttle valve can be controlled to achieve the speed of the hydraulic cylinder.

vertical injection molding machine to improve test


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