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Let injection molding machine industry rapid rise

time:2018-04-14 11:02:50 From: Alina


Let injection molding machine industry rapid rise

Tremendous development potential of China's plastics processing industry, injection molding machine industry, the rapid growth provides a space for development. Currently in plastics processing products, 83% used injection molding. In recent years, due to the need of food, pharmaceuticals, automotive, construction, household appliances and other industries growing injection products, injection molding technology to promote the level of development and improvement.

Development of a three-stage injection molding machine industry
The first stage of enlightenment brand or infancy. The market is basically foreign brands dominate the world, when the domestic agent for foreign companies and many more brands, domestic brands are basically blank. Some users gradually began to "brand recognition", Chinese national brand injection molding machines began to sprout and grow, but still only "Lotus was exposed sharp angle."
The second stage brand infancy, "many companies began to realize the importance of brand, with brand awareness, and began to invest in publicity and establish their own brands.
The third phase of the injection molding machine market entered a "brand acceleration phase." Competition in the market, are less well known and not well-known brands, obviously occupies a disadvantage, input-output ratio is very clear branding, which highlights the importance of the brand battle. After this phase of the baptism, not pay attention to branding companies have very little, but some enterprises have not only a warm and financial resources, we can only watch brand only sigh.
Injection molding machine demand
According to statistics, from January to April 2005, the national output of 75000 presses Taiwan (sets), an increase of 19.05%. Expected 2010--2015, the Chinese plastics machinery production will reach 150,000 --50 million units. Which accounts for about 35% of the injection molding machine, extruder 25%, blow molding machine 5%, other 35%. On the export side, injection molding machines accounted for 60.4%, 6.8% extruders, hollow machine 11.7%, other 21.1%; 74.1% export injection molding machine, extruder, 8.1%, 8.0% hollow machine, other 17.8%. It can be seen in all aspects of injection molding machines in terms of output, output value, exports are ahead of other products presses. The rapid development of the injection molding machine market, thanks to the development boom applications.
Presses accessories promising
From the development of the case of the injection molding machine it can be predicted that presses accessories promising. In the past, Chinese customers are mostly confined to focus on investment in processing equipment, and purchase relatively inexpensive auxiliary and peripheral equipment. With the rapid development of automobile, mobile phones, electronic appliances, food and beverage packaging, plastics and building materials markets, supporting whom plastics processors in order to meet end-market demand for high-quality plastic products, beginning with the choice of the whole plant automation programs to co-operate.

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