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plastic - injection molding machine

time:2018-05-04 09:50:49 From: Alina


plastic - injection molding machine

Field of plastic pipe, "second five" no shortage of bright spots of demand: housing construction with public works still give stable domestic demand, but short-term emergence of regulatory pressure; CONSERVANCY establish policy support, an annual 400 billion investment, greatly increasing the demand for pipeline class; rural drinking water safety system is built with the materials to the countryside pulling plastic pipe needs upgrading; gas supply system with heating consumption developments will also bring incremental demand.

Contemporary Chinese injection molding machine plastic pipe market economy is more intense, large-scale injection molding machine manufacturers of plastic pipe over 3000, the annual production capacity of over 15 million tons, with an annual output of 10,000 tons or more enterprises reached 300 with more than 20 years production capacity of over 100,000 tons.

Commonly used in the home improvement field of small caliber, competition is more intense, the threshold is not high, making the layout of the sales network into a leading enterprise development; and in the field of engineering projects, production transport radius with barriers limiting such enterprises focusing on R & D with the size expansion.

From the moment the case of listed companies point of view, is just part of the launch phase, being used to raise funds arrangement with capacity planning to establish marketing and the other part is listed for some time, being carried out through the issuance of expansion. Enterprises conduct business confidence demonstrated respect for the field of plastic pipe of bigger and stronger. With network marketing system with the capacity to improve the layout of each important area of ​​future Chinese injection molding machine plastic pipe field will hope to complete a more healthy approach to development, leading enterprises are expected to increase market share.

An angle, long time to come with the current western regions with rich resources, vigorously develop coal chemical, chlor-alkali chemical industry, petroleum chemical ethylene, an increase of PVC, PE, PP production. With so many construction projects put into operation standard, the western region is very rich in the plastic raw materials, plastic raw material prices become depression, can reduce the cost of raw materials of local plastics processing enterprises.

Another point of view, the western region has a rich and relatively cheap electricity, labor resources. West China Cement Industry building materials, chemical fertilizers, equipment, minerals and other regions rapidly and violently, irrigation and distribution network and other infrastructure more than outstanding loans, real estate market a large space, which will increase demand for plastic packaging with plastic building materials.

Let injection molding machine industry rapid rise


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