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Classification of vertical injection molding machines

time:2018-05-04 09:53:50 From: Cindy

A series of vertical injection molding machine, AC/DC: the machine is mainly for connecting wire, all kinds of electronics, computer data line and the power line plug injection molding, injection molding products, accurate standard is not high, with PVC, PE and other plastic injection molding of LED products suitable for the specific application of the model specification general mode locking force ranging from 15T to 35T, due to the specific volume modulus of each manufacturer type, configuration is different, before the purchase must require manufacturers to the factory to determine the model specific parameters of the specification.

Two, C injection molding machine series: the machine vertical locking mold, horizontal glue because of no guide pillar, because the lock mold position into an English letter "C" word named. The structure of the machine is complex, with large amount of glue injection, because no guide column operation area is broad, mainly suitable for all kinds of safety power supply plug injection molding, such as French head, American plug, British plug, etc.

Three, vertical single slide injection molding machine, double slide type injection molding machine series: the machine mainly for engineering plastics, products have strict precision requirements, precision or tiny embedded parts injection molding, is also embedded parts injection molding optimization of one of the solutions. Because the machine has the upper die fixed, the lower die slide out function. Double mode double slide type has an upper die, the second mock exam work alternately is suitable for precision hardware embedded in or out. Part of the dual color mold can also be molded by double slip injection, the general molding products, such as electronic precision connectors, mobile connectors, integrated circuit components, etc., double slide shortcomings: two working position, increase labor costs.

Disc injection molding machine

Four, vertical disc type injection molding machine, rotary disc type injection molding machine series: vertical rotary series is precision parts embedded in injection and double color die optimization scheme, because the machine can design a mold two mold or die, is suitable for complex embedded and artificial saving advantages

Five 、 vertical and horizontal injection molding machine. Vertical and horizontal injection molding machine can be used for the large amount of glue, and must be used in vertical structure locking of metal inlay products. Because of the vertical structure, the insert is convenient and the horizontal structure has large amount of glue, which is the product of the combination of vertical and horizontal structure in the market.


The rubber injection molding machine model has the beneficia

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