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Three step injection molding machine machine debugging proce

time:2018-07-02 09:17:18 From: Alina


Three step injection molding machine machine debugging process

1, the injection molding machine parameters to be set and ready to confirm before setting parameters

⑴ confirm dried material injection molding machine, mold temperature and whether the temperature of the heating cylinder is set correctly processed and reach the state.

⑵ check the injection molding machine and the mold opening and closing the top of the movement and distance settings.

⑶ injection molding machine injection pressure (P1) set at 60% of maximum.

⑷ holding pressure injection molding machine (PH) is set at 30% of maximum.

⑸ injection molding machine injection speed (V1) is set at 40% of maximum.

⑹ injection molding machine screw speed (VS) is set at about 60RPM.

⑺ injection molding machine back pressure (PB) is set at about 10kg / cm2.

⑻ injection molding machine is set in pine denunciation 3mm.

⑼ injection molding machines hold pressure switching position is set at 30% of the diameter of the screw. For example φ100mm screw, set 30mm. ⑽ metering stroke is set shorter than the calculated value. ⑾ total injection time shorter, longer cooling time setting.

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