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100 ton injection moulding machine price

time:2018-07-02 10:14:56 From: Cindy
A. High response servo-hydraulic system, compared with traditional standard pumps or variable displacement pump system, servo-hydraulic system combines the fast stepless speed regulation characteristics of servo motor and the hydraulic pump’s feature that independently regulate the hydromantic which leading precision energy-saving, energy saving up to 80% .
B. High-precision, high response of the PID algorithm module make the system pressure very stable. The pressure fluctuation is less than 0.5bar, and with high repeatability precision. Servo motor only needs 20/s from rest to reach the rated speed. Pressure and flow velocity response is only 0.03s or so, not only can significantly improve repeatability precision, and the open mold position accuracy can reach 0.5mm, ensure that the mold performs better with robot
To increase the pump’s output quantity by increasing the motor speed and improve the machine’s operation speed.

injection molding machine hydraulic system

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