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1000 ton injection molding machine price

time:2018-07-03 09:38:56 From: Cindy

Now Chinese plastic processing factory in Southern China, East China coastal areas of the manipulator show more and more interest, but the injection molding machine manipulator in the popularity of the domestic machine industry rate of less than 10%, is still not satisfactory.

Sun Liqing, Executive Consultant of Shenzhen Plastics Industry Association, said: "most plastics companies prefer to continue producing low value-added products rather than invest in new equipment. Some companies buy mechanical hands only to attract customers to get orders. Show the factors is far greater than the purpose of improving the efficiency." High cost is one of the main factors that impede the use of manipulator in processing enterprises. Generally, the price of a manipulator is approximately equal to the total of two to three years of wages for the workers required to run a device 24 hours a day.

According to the analysis, the use of manipulator can deal with many challenges, such as high turnover rate, shortened delivery cycle and safety problems. Job hopping is frequent in factories, while some workers return home at Lunar New Year's Eve, no longer go back to factories. Employers must constantly train new employees, which will affect quality and efficiency. And the use of mechanical hands, there is no concern in this respect. In addition, the manipulator can ensure the consistency of the operation cycle, improve the quality, and be more safe.

The rubber injection molding machine model has the beneficia

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