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150ton injection molding machine

time:2018-07-04 10:02:12 From: Cindy

 This depends on the context of your question. To adjust parameters on a modern machine everything you need should be on the digital display whereas an older machine will be manual based cams e.t.c

If it's what parameters you adjust that you need to know then there's no simple solution. Depends on material, screw size, part wall thickness e.t.c

All I can suggest is that you consult your material data sheet which will give you a rough starting point (barrel temperature, water temperature e.t.c) and go from there, performing a gate freeze off for your holding time after filling to 99% set your injection pressure to maximum then find your peak pressure, a general rule of thumb is your holding pressure should be around half of your injection pressure. Can’t really give any more information without more details.

Improved design vertical injection molding machine hydraulic

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