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abs plastic manufacturing process affordable injection moldi

time:2018-07-04 10:16:57 From: camille

 What is the crystallization point of the film is believed to make friends "crystallization point" must be very familiar with the term, simply put, it is a product defect.

Academically it is explained: the polymer molecular weight higher than the molecular weight of the polymer around the same species, and over-produced polymer.

Reason crystallization point generated

Crystal Point is usually caused by machinery, processing technology, materials, etc. caused. But the mechanism to produce the polymer crystallization point is due to over-produce polymers, so long may have been dimer are likely to cause crystallization point.

The impact of raw materials

He said that the impact of raw material injection molding machine is in fact refer to the effect of residual catalyst raw materials.

When polymer production will be some residual catalyst in molding experience, viscous polymer melt containing the catalyst in the production of equipment surfaces, at high temperatures, residual catalyst polymer continuous catalytic polymerization, the polymerization will form over thereof.

Not the same polymeric resin manufacturers equipment and technology are not the same, there are differences in the processing of residual catalyst purity, its crystallization point of the resulting polymer does not have the same impact in a film, for example, low residual catalyst content of the polymer, the device structure well, the raw material itself contains crystallization point less.

Influence of polymer oxygen

If when the processing temperature is higher, the polymer oxidation radical oxygen will adsorb at the die wall, a radical initiator as an active center of the other polymer molecule chain reaction, a high concentration of the polymer formed is unstable at the child, in high temperature become variegated points.

Adding a certain amount of antioxidants, there is an effect of oxygen to prevent crystallization point.

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