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all electric injection molding machine automatic injection m

time:2018-07-04 10:17:58 From: camille

 Effect of processing technology, equipment

If the master control process temperature and other factors, raw materials for a long time to heat, excessive polymerization, degradation will lead to the crystallization point production.

In fact, a lot of time is a result of equipment, such as:

Injection molding machine parts die poor design, the presence of the dead, causing a small amount of raw materials for a long time to heat, excessive polymerization, degradation;

The aspect ratio of the injection molding machine configuration, die design and other poor;

Screw top or barrel inner wall above the long-term because of the accumulation of things that have some charring, charring and these things can be used as the gel point, continue impurities adsorbed more to it, but also to continue the film gets top resulting in a so-called crystallization point.

All in all, molding equipment cleaned regularly helps to reduce crystallization point production.

Fillers, masterbatch and other effects

Currently injection molding machines film production habits add masterbatch, masterbatch will result in poor dispersion of grain and other undesirable point defects, such as masterbatch pigment surface treatment chosen is unstable in the masterbatch processing experience, "Reunion", a " powder point "; masterbatch carrier resin with poor film-forming material compatibility.

Reduce or eliminate the crystallization point method

Learn more crystallization point of causes, can be easier to control, you list the following four methods:

1, a good selection of raw materials purification resins, to reduce the impact of the catalyst;

2, the film forming process increases the filter fineness, frequently changes the screen (especially obsolete equipment), is conducive to the crystallization point reduction;

3, antioxidants and other appropriate amount;

4, add a surface lubricant in steel production experience, reduce viscous polymer melt in the surface of the device;

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