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akar injection moulding machines

time:2018-07-05 10:35:09 From: Alina

 akar injection moulding machines

As we all know, injection molding machine industry, including the plastics processing industry and synthetic resins, processing aids and other raw materials, injection molding machines and die processing machinery manufacturing and other industries, have already become an important part of our national economy. 20 years of reform and opening up, China's injection molding machine product has maintained a sustained and rapid development, the annual production has more than 20 million tons, ranking second in the world, to become a truly great power injection molding machine. Injection molding machine industry itself is not the "white pollution" the source, must be emphasized that the process of recovering from the production and consumption process to use after value may be reused three terms, injection molding machine industry itself is a green industry, as long as we recycle and do a good job recycling, injection molding machine industry development and protection of the natural environment will be able to live in harmony, to create a win-win situation. In the new century, the injection molding machine industry will continue to become a thriving, hidden opportunities sunrise industry.

Plastic injection molding machine as a new polymer material has been well known, accepted, injection molding machines plastic materials and products have been widely used in various fields of society and people's lives, has become an indispensable part of life. But for various reasons, post-consumer plastics in the environment caused direct or indirect damage caused by the growing concerns of the community, to eliminate "white pollution"

Incessantly. Injection molding machine industry to sustained and rapid development, we must face up to some of the negative impact brought about by the injection molding machine industry in the development process, and the recycling of waste plastics and make use of scientific and rational, is an important area of ​​the injection molding machine industry should not be underestimated, it not just to deal with the community of life, and to achieve "recycling economy" to maximize the use of limited resources on Earth to better serve humanity. Of course, as with waste plastic recycling-based industry, companies first need to face is the normal operation of the enterprise, you must obtain profits and benefits. Inconceivable that the socialist market economy into the enterprise solely for the protection of the environment and renewable resources exist without taking into account their own interests, this pure social welfare-oriented enterprises unless special care the government is unlikely to survive. Over the past few decades, there have been in the plastics industry for recycling of waste plastics industry companies many government departments in charge of investment in the 1980s was also the introduction of foreign advanced cleaning, grinding, granulation equipment, but to today, little has been stored, while the real existence, but also thriving touches countless large and small private enterprises or individual households, the existence and healthy development of these enterprises will undoubtedly give us 3:00 Significance: many waste plastics, waste plastic recycling do use paper promising; what to do with waste plastic, how to have the lowest cost to make use of the product is the key to recycling enterprise survival and development; now waste plastic recycling business demand for technology is very urgent, if we recycle technology, better equipped, stronger, higher, then the waste plastic will no longer be a social package cloth for carrying baby, but will become a very lucrative valuable resources and wealth.

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