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abs plastic molding machine

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 abs plastic molding machine

policies of waste plastics processing plastic products with an annual output of more than 4,000 US tons of waste plastic generated hundreds of tons per year. The main way past consumptive waste plastic is landfilled, while declining land for landfill, landfill costs and ecological impact of the landfill on the environment and other issues gradually shifted burning heat extraction. Using incineration of waste plastic has reached about 20% of total waste. The United States had hopes of degradable plastics, plastic material degradation hopes to achieve the sound and mitigate waste plastic processing pressure in their own environment.

So far due to degradation art does not achieve the desired results and the full utilization of resources voice rising, the proportion of all plastics biodegradable plastic products is very small (about 3%), while the waste plastic recycling is still subject to certain attention. But American power status, its recycling focus only on the production process of recycling scrap and substandard goods, for those who still have a certain value in use, but the need for cumbersome process, especially to spend a lot of human waste plastic, the US is always trying to be transferred from the local community to relieve the pressure in their own treatment.

Europe is not exactly the same situation, the proportion of incineration process has gradually declined, replaced gradually improve the urban and residential waste collection, to be dealt with separately approach. I was in Paris to visit a nearby residential community of 100,000 people, the government commissioned a local company specialized waste collection and disposal, and has a whole community can eat garbage treatment plants, each about two big fermentation tanks 60 meters, a lot of waste plastic film bag is pulverized to a size of a fingernail flake or short strips, mixed in fermented slag, reportedly transported to a nearby vineyard. In Italy we visited a nearby Milan waste plastic recycling plants, filled with a variety of outside plant waste plastic film or bags, according to the boss said it was government money the sale of transport, sent here to free them in use. Of course, as a result of the overall balance of the pros and cons, other treatment methods such as pyrolysis in Europe, incineration, landfill, also occupy a certain position.

Japan's land area is small, there is no land for the landfill, and the population density, the total amount of plastic waste is also large, the government and industry associations have set up a special emphasis on the recycling of plastic waste, but is currently still dominated incineration. In 1994 the total output of 13 million tons of plastic Japan, waste plastic of about 400 million tons, which accounted for 25.5% landfill disposal, incineration (56%), extracted thermal power accounted for 18.5%, is evident. Incineration impact of environmental pollution on Japan because Japan is a small island main things Homeland narrow, two sea, burning smoke can spread rapidly. This is also the Japanese incineration dominate a situation. China has been a large number of export calcium carbonate containing up to 30% of the garbage bags to Japan the key is calcium carbonate contained in garbage bags in favor of combustion in incinerators.

China's national conditions with the United States, Europe, Japan is different from the average of our population resources are not well-off, the current annual oil imports have accounted for the total consumption of 1/3, while the vast majority of our population concentrated in eastern and central, arable land especially around the town is very valuable, it is impossible to valuable land indefinitely used as landfill. At the same time on our situation and the level of equipment geography technology, both the pyrolysis or incineration extraction on the environment will be more serious pollution of heat, it is not worth the candle. People for degradable plastics have great hope in it as to eradicate the "white pollution" of magic, but the ruthless reality shows, biodegradable plastic products and application technology still has significant limitations, the market has not yet been generally accepted, especially with regard to "single-use plastic products after disposal also a very high re-use value, all made of biodegradable is not a great waste of resources," the debate, there has been in the business community and the academic community. So clearly stated, "to recovery and recycling mainly to landfill, pyrolysis, burning, biodegradable and other ways to supplement" should be the most realistic treatment of waste plastics, the most scientific, the most dynamic and promising According to our country principles and policies.

Our industrious and thrifty world-famous in the era of scarce resources, are very natural treasure for any substance, the so-called new three-year old for three years sewing for another three years from the date of this glorious tradition plastics industry was born of deeply rooted among the industry. Recycled plastic products as early as the 1960s, repair old enterprises and various plastic waste on our lives very close.

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