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abs material plastic injection molding manufacturing proces

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  abs material  plastic injection molding  manufacturing process

It is most familiar with plastic soles, especially on dividends bottom shoes, black and white, white people know better, because it is made of new material, and the red, the black matrix is ​​made of recycled materials. In 1975 the former Ministry of Light Industry has held the "National Waste plastics recycling experience exchange", Shanghai and other plastics industry department also specially prepared brochures and books. In the 1980s with the progress of reform and opening up, a large number of advanced technology, equipment introduction, our country has been in the framework of a planned economy, according to the national distribution of each region, were the introduction of six sets of plastic waste in Japan or Europe, cleaning, grinding, granulation equipment, material recycling industry has also recovered to something deep processing, the introduction of similar devices, such as in Beijing to set. At that time engaged in recycling, cleaning, granulation or direct molded products business there are hundreds. In 1993 the former China Plastics Processing Industry Association held plastic waste Recycling of exchange, a total of more than 20 provinces and cities more than 300 people attended the meeting in Taiyuan, Shanxi. At the meeting on China Injection Molding Machine Industry Association of Professional Committee of plastic waste recycling was set up, marking the industry department in charge of waste plastics processing attention.

With the accelerated pace of reform and opening up of China, the synthetic resin material injection molding machine processing required not only in the country to obtain, and the massive influx of foreign raw materials abroad, as the significance of waste plastics recycling plastic materials using injection molding machines rapidly become smaller, value and status decreased rapidly, but also led under the planned economic system to the waste plastics recycling as the main business of many companies are not profitable collapse or converting to a new raw material-based products. But we also see that, in accordance with the rules of market economy, a large number of new waste plastic processing enterprises have emerged in many cities spontaneously formed a sizable waste plastics distribution market, new recycling, recycling technology and equipment has also been It emerged, but also close to the situation, close to the market, close to the downstream users, more vitality. Years of practice has proved that the recycling of waste plastics recycling and the pace never stopped, waste plastic recycling aspect of scale, technology and equipment and the applications of recycled products is not less than abroad, some areas do better than even better abroad, and even reached the international advanced level.

2 waste plastics use, modification technology status and problems of today's waste plastic recycling has been out of the narrow concept of pure thrift, which has environmental protection and recycling of resources is caused by the sustainable development of the national economy and other strategic measures together, we should fully understand the importance of working in this field from such a height and in a timely manner to solve the problems faced.

From the current domestic situation, the plastic waste can be attributed to the following four categories: Category 1: has entered a virtuous circle, it is possible to achieve better efficiency, recycled products have a clear purpose, such as: a molded plastic woven agricultural plastic greenhouses bags, woven cloth, plastic packaging with bottles, hollow barrel, cosmetic bottles of pure d daily necessities plastic parts, shell, etc. e. wire, cable plastic sheath above plastics recovery and recycling the main problem is the low level of technology and equipment , in the regeneration process, the low value of the actual material properties are damaged to varying degrees, after regeneration. A so-called feed back, two back and other materials, the value per tonne based on the level of recovery technology can be a difference of thousands more.

Category 2: the production process or scrap imported from abroad, can be processed into recycled materials, with better performance and application market, but also to gain market recognition, benefits are good. The main problem is the need to identify the type of plastic has a higher knowledge and experience, but also easily lead to serious incidents of plastic waste imports. Such waste plastic scrap such as VCD discs, beverage bottles, substandard film, sanitary napkins and diapers scrap, as well as home appliances, computer casings, parts.

Extrusion die should pay attention to the four items - Injection molding machine


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