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automatic plastic molding machine

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 automatic plastic molding machine

Category 3: have appeared in large numbers but limited economic interest, failed to enter the market and business vision, such as EPS foam, foam disposable tableware, all kinds of vest bags, shopping bags, single or composite packaging film and the like.

These products discarded after use, falling into the street, on both sides of roads, rivers and lakes become condemned the "white pollution", should proceed to a comprehensive solution from all aspects of administrative, technical, economic levers, the quality of people like.

Category 4: With the use of plastic injection molding machines expired or available as accessories, speed up the upgrading of its main articles, some plastic waste will have emerged, many of these materials by the modification, or composite of different materials, such as televisions, home appliances, computers, cars used on various parts, and some are already crosslinked or surface has been coated or composite thermosetting plastic layer, it is difficult with the approach commonly used, such as cleaning, grinding, melt granulation method of recycling. In this regard we have no better way, also failed to make full technical preparations in this regard.

3 Some waste plastics recovery and recycling technology of waste plastics recovery and recycling technology is directly related to some kind of plastic waste can not be recycled, regenerated or without use, enterprise investment project in addition to the presence or absence after social economic issues. With the advent of a technology and gradually improve, it is possible to radically change the fate of all sectors of society and a certain kind of waste plastics face it understanding.

3.1 WPC plastic wood-plastic composite is simply understood composite wood and plastic, we refer here to flour or rice husk, straw and other natural plant fiber material has been crushed to a certain fineness and after plastic composite, also plastic fiber can be called day.

In the days of plastic fiber, wood flour or rice husk, straw powder accounted for half and can use waste plastics, and products made from composite can replace natural timber cargo transport indispensable pallets or other packaging, construction, and other aspects of daily use. Days fiber material properties of plastic between the synthetic resin and natural wood, see Table 1. Days fiber as raw material of plastic trays fully meet the relevant national standards (GB / T4996-1996 and GB / T4995-1996 universal intermodal flat pallets test methods, performance requirements), while avoiding the wooden pallets must be fumigated export requirements, simplify the export procedures and customs inspection procedures.

Of course, days defibrillators plastic processing technology is more complex, and the difficulties in the main process as follows: Days fiber plastics common plastics and performance comparison with the performance of the project of common plastics natural wood ordinary plastic fiber tensile strength of timber days Medium Medium high flexural modulus low medium high high high impact strength, rigidity and load carrying capacity medium medium high high water absorption featuring the high acid and alkali resistance to aging low good poor good recyclability easy hard easy low high low cost products days fiber material crushing and pre-processing (including drying and surface treatment) is first necessary day-fiber material crushed to a certain degree of fineness, generally require tens head.

Extrusion die should pay attention to the four items - Injection molding machine


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