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polystyrene foam plastic injection molding machine

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 polystyrene foam plastic injection molding machine

Day of natural dry state fiber filler moisture content of 5% or more, and some can reach more than 15%, so as a plastic filler must be dried, the drying temperature should not exceed 200 * C. Chemistry Day fiber mainly composed of cellulose such polyols in the molecular structure and polarity point of view, with the usual polyethylene, polypropylene and other plastics have considerable variation, and must therefore be treated before the composite surface. Since the days of the porous fiber filler, often unfit for use mineral filler surface-treated with a coupling agent, according to research Beijing University of Chemical Technology, when the substrate is a polypropylene plastic, the use of MAH-PP on the day of fiber is coated fillers the most suitable, when the base plastic is high density polyethylene, the treating agent is an ethylene - acrylic acid copolymer (EAA) is the most suitable.

Processing Research indicates days defibrillators plastic wood flour-filled polypropylene system belongs to pseudoplastic fluid with the increase of shear rate, the apparent viscosity of the material decreased significantly. While the other is characterized by wood-plastic composites are very sensitive to processing temperature, which means that when the extrusion small temperature fluctuations, the viscosity of the material can make great changes, thus affecting the stability of the extruded material. The other is to consider the thermal stability of the fiber filler day, decomposition and charring occurs when the temperature is high. Experimental results show that appropriate to reduce the extruder temperature, increase head pressure, reduce the screw speed can be effective in improving the extrusion processability days defibrillators plastics.

Studies have shown that processing equipment, a single screw extruder day processing fiber composite plastic production profile has a cross-sectional shape, but must be vented extruders, and screw configuration on the day of fiber filler in the matrix of plastic dispersion significantly affected. Beijing University of Chemical findings that the use of a screw pin mixed material mixing effect is better than ordinary screw.

From practical experience home and abroad, before a single screw extruder, extrusion molding, the surface has been treated Days fiber filler and matrix plastic to go through the same parallel twin-screw extruder mixing granulator is essential . Accordingly days defibrillators plastic molding process requires quite advanced and complete set of devices and equipment, or the mere simple process and general single screw extruder is difficult to make day-fiber composite plastic material properties meet expectations.

3.2 Collection and recycling of polystyrene foam plastic injection molding machine using well known, recently a hot topic during the siege of disposable lunch boxes made of polystyrene foam. For a certain specific plastics, national governments, the media, the community give such attention and concern in the history of industrial development in the injection molding machine is no precedent. In fact, the annual output of plastic foam lunch boxes and other disposable cutlery is only about 50,000 tons, accounting for 0.25% of the country's total output of plastic products, even if all the cut and no concern presses the overall industrial development. But we should see the importance of the injection molding machine industry and environmental protection from the joint development on this issue. Environmental pollution caused by polystyrene foam tableware just stay in people's vision, yet the soil, air, water, bring direct harm, if we are careful study and mass production of plastic products almost everywhere, both in production during or after use are likely to harm, directly or potentially on the environment of human existence. Such as processing aids are a variety of chemicals, some of the health hazards of operating workers, distributing some harm to the atmosphere more people, even the ozone layer are destroyed; and if processed into windows and doors of PVC profiles applied to buildings, and to become national leaders down to ordinary common people are to be recognized as to focus on the promotion of plastic products in the new century, not knowing when the building is on fire, make these plastic materials to produce gas suffocation deaths the danger is much greater than wood, steel and cement, these materials at high temperatures to produce toxic smoke off the time to reach a certain concentration to cause death, that is, to give people time to escape a fire only a few seconds to a few minutes to calculate the occurrence . If there is a direct or potential harm, whether this material, the product must be banning the production and sale of it, and if so, technological progress brought civilization is running out.

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