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all electric injection molding machine

time:2018-07-05 10:44:45 From: camille

 "Four focus on" the "four transformations" to promote the injection molding machine manufacturing to industrial change 4.0

Four focus on:

Pay more attention to the injection molding machine of economic growth and social development of balance, coordination;

Pay more attention to lead the development of injection molding machines open a higher level;

Pay more attention to cultivate new economic growth point of the injection molding machine;

More emphasis on strengthening co-ordination with the injection molding machine to stimulate grassroots vitality.

Four changes:

Manufacture of transition from production-based to service-oriented;

Manufactured by artificial intelligence-based to manufacturing-based change;

Transition from low-cost competitive advantage to high-quality competitive advantage;

From extensive manufacturing to green manufacturing.

Faced with the contradiction, injection molding confidential profound understanding and grasp the "four focus" in order to accelerate the innovation of the manufacturing sector to achieve "Four Transformations."

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