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3d plastic mold

time:2018-07-06 10:07:06 From: Cindy

To measure the temperature of the injection molding machine as a thermocouple temperature measurement devices, temperature measurement plus millivolts become the injection molding machine temperature control equipment, control cylinder and the die-off of electric current ring, with the selection of adjusting the temperature of each cylinder and mold temperature.

Plastic Injection Molding Machine electric coil generally includes two-stage, three-stage or four control. Injection molding machine electrical cabinet ammeter respectively reflect the size of each circle electric current. Ammeter reading is very stable, very long time if the low meter readings appear in the work, it may be a problem with electric rings, or bad wire or electric wire thinner oxide, or a mechanical and electrical injection hot laps burned these will make the injection molding machine circuits parallel resistor is increased and the current decreases.

Also can be easily used when there is a certain meter readings injection molding machine plastic injection molding electric heating strip eleven wipe out-wall program, see article molten material to determine whether or not an electric coil is not energized or burned.

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