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bakelite injection molding machine

time:2018-07-06 11:48:03 From: Alina

 bakelite injection molding machine

Bakelite injection molding machine is commonly used plastics processing equipment, raw materials involving aggregates, powder and the like. For powder, often first with other auxiliaries and additives are mixed together even after cutting. In the mixing and cutting process often due to weather factors such as humidity and the nature of the additive mixture increased the viscosity, fluency and quality of the extruded product stability during the addition of the hopper wall bond, under the influence of material, serious even clog the hopper discharge port, so that the production halt, seriously affecting productivity. In order to solve the above problems, the need to maintain during mixing and cutting dry environment, which is very high for the workshop environment and weather requirements, actual production is difficult to ensure such conditions. On the other hand, some materials Dianmu injection molding machine itself has a certain viscosity, which makes the raw materials to ensure that this solution is dried powerless. To solve the above problems, it was the installation of electromagnetic vibration baffle means or force feeding device inside the hopper. Electromagnetic vibration baffle means solves the problem of adhesion and powder hopper wall, but still generate between bringing a new technical problems with the tailgate attachment of powder, and the vibration also had a lot of noise; and Although the forced feeding device enables the powder passed the hopper discharge port, but due to the forced extrusion cutting, strong shearing to make the powder raw high temperature, and then through the high shear twin screw injection molding machine Dianmu feed and easy to so overheated powder, powder affect performance, long working hours but will damage the charging device. Technical Problem utility model Dianmu injection molding machine to be solved is for the above-mentioned technical problems, to provide a powder to avoid adhesion of the powder feeding device to ensure smooth feed screw extruder. The injection molding machine Bakelite utility model solves the above problems by the following technical solution - kind of an injection molding machine Bakelite powder feeding means, provided in the hopper and the conveying means of the stirring mechanism constituted by a motor control, said stirring means comprises a stirring motor scraper blade, stirring motor is fixed to the support plate above the hopper, scraper paddle is placed in the hopper, the hopper is provided with a side wall to match the blade in contact with the inner wall of the hopper; scraper blade and paddle on the inside of the hopper contact during rotation can be adhered to the inner wall of the powder hopper scrape. The transport mechanism by the feed screw and a delivery tube structure, wherein the delivery tube is connected to the outlet end communicating a barrel, hopper in communication with the lower end of the delivery tube vertical. The motor control box by the transport mechanism, the motor is connected via a transmission gear pinion in the transmission, transmission gear fixed to the feed end of the screw head pinion. Hopper said upper cylindrical lower inverted cone, and the cone angle less than 90 degrees. The scraper paddle the lower part thread. The feed screw is a single screw.
Compared with the prior art, the Bakelite injection molding machine model has the following advantages
1. connected with the stirring motor driven plastic scraper blade paddle, scraping not only adhere to the wall of the powder hopper, continuous and stable powder material into the feed screw, hopper cone angle less than 90 degrees to make the material easier whereabouts.
2. The scraper paddle the lower part of the thread can effectively guide the cutting powder, thread and material wall there is a large gap, the powder can be prevented as forced feeding that exerts strong shearing, to ensure that the physicochemical properties of powder.
3. The feed screw is a single screw, so that only the screw and wall shear, no screws and screw between shear and friction, therefore, can effectively prevent the cut powder from overheating. Bakelite injection molding machine compared with a twin-screw feeding, single screw feeder difficult to produce the phenomenon of blocking material, and the increase in traffic, so the production efficiency and stability of the pipeline have been improved.

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