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bakelite chemistry injection molding machine

time:2018-07-06 11:50:28 From: Alina

 bakelite chemistry injection molding machine

    According to the process Bakelite injection molding machine, the hydraulic system to draw the relationship between P and time t. Visible mold and mold release, a model system for the low oil pressure, and a short time; and injection, packing, cooling system for the high oil pressure, and a longer time, usually a period of 40 working % to 60%, the length of time and workpiece related; intermittent period is shorter, which is also related to the case of the workpiece, and sometimes can not intermittent. Just a simple approximation that, in fact, if the injection screw driving motor oil, hydraulic system when injected will be higher. Weight Dianmu injection molding machine a workpiece, from tens of grams to tens of grams range, maximum Dianmu injection molding machine has reached 92 kg. Therefore, Dianmu injection molding machines have small, medium and large points, processing tens of grams of small parts and machining of large workpieces kilograms a period of time is not the same; the same is Taipower wood injection molding machine, a workpiece different materials, pressure and time required in each stage the process is variable. Setting these parameters is developed by the field technician according to the situation on empirical data and testing.
        A cycle workflow, load changes cause relatively large changes in system pressure, but the pump is still 50Hz operation, the fuel supply is constant, excess hydraulic oil through the relief valve back into the tank, to do useful work for nothing wasted energy. Frequency control of the pump, the pump was changed to similar quantitative variable pump characteristics. When the system needs a high pressure pump motor 50Hz operation, the required pressure is small, reduced frequency inverter operation. And the pump shaft power is proportional to the product of outlet pressure and flow rate of the motor output, after the pump motor speed decreases, the output shaft power is reduced, it is possible to achieve effective energy-saving, energy-saving rate is generally 20% to 50%.

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