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Automatic injection molding machine mold blowing device

time:2018-07-06 11:54:52 From: Alina


Automatic injection molding machine mold blowing device

The utility model outrageously a fully automated injection molding machine mold blowing device, which belongs to the limitations of the injection molding machine mold production techniques, extremely, to a molding machine to ensure full production mold gas-assisted passive blown product means can be used in shower class cone filters, filters and other flat hydroplaning easily adsorbed product mold design and production.
Background art showerhead class cone filters, filters and other flat frivolous easily adsorbed product mold, injection molding machine samples often have the following ways: (I) the mold ejection system directly push down products; (2) domestic direct pickup ; (3) domestic handheld Airsoft blown products; (4) receiving robot pickup. However, the above-mentioned avenue exists in reality and the production of a hidden function, and the main flash heads of today: the top of the mold 1 piecemeal direct effect on heavy goods push down the product compared to good, but filters and other products because of frivolous easy absorption of strangeness lead product, although push ups and downs, but actively producing full injection molding machines simply adsorbed on the mold, resulting in product without departing from the mold and the mold, the mold eventually lead to breakdowns; 2. domestic product reached into the mold inside out or wild handheld Admittedly Airsoft blown product than the product is the direct introduction of improved, but because of the injection molding machine, the "people" is the most uncontrollable elements, thus doing exercise Dover to resist impact on product differentiation and strengths, but also a but also with a computer equipped with 2-3, or even injection molding machines produce poor compliance, product quality is not strength, but can not ensure safety in production; 3. Although the sample robot can take an arranged artificial, actively achieve full production, but also because the filter and other products frivolous ends filled pore characteristics, resulting in the robot product can not draw, it would not constitute a product from the mold and the mold clamping to relax after all.
Found the form for the deficiencies of the prior technology, the present utility model provides an organizational reasonable insurance reliable injection molding machine full production molds enthusiastically blowing means, blowing means when the mold is in the information, perform the blow mold after walking to ensure all the products on the production of injection molding machines were blown. To reach the above mentioned indicators, this is the end of the novel combination of the following martial arts RBI Britain completed: one injection molding machine is completely passive production mold blowing furnishings, equipment, furnishings set on one side of the mold, the inflatable furnishings have inflatable tunnel, inflatable tunnel near pneumatic piston means by block to contain the opening and closing, inflatable tunnel shape when the mold is closed, after blowing mold tunnel in the shape of a through hole, through which the gas inside the mold seam gas will enter the top blown out of the product from the mold . Further, the display contains a blowing gas nozzle, two fixed blocks and compact, with a blow with the two channels on the block and install fixed gas nozzle for consistent pneumatic devices, processing a T-shaped groove between two fixing blocks for loading piston and spring block, two blocks after coupling still locked into the movable platen, and the other will lock meditation compact template, clamping piston when pressed compacts block the air supply passage is closed shape, after opening the mold to compact to block the piston, the piston compression spring block pop up in the air supply passage through-hole shape. [0015] Further, the air gap positions that mold paste bisecting plane. Further, the compact corner is chamfered surface, its cooperation with the piston block. The utility model is supplied an injection mold machine all active production of piston pin opening and closing blow furnishings, using the robotic device, so that when the mold is blowing display news, after walking perform blow mold, how to ensure the production of injection molding machines all the products were blown, the mold will not be relaxed, positive completion of the whole production, more accurate control of the pace of production to ensure product quality, human resources, thrifty, loyal to the substantial increase of production while also ensuring safe production.

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