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BMC injection molding machine frequency energy-saving speed

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BMC injection molding machine frequency energy-saving speed transformation plan

  Hydraulic system BMC injection molding machines, vertical and horizontal points. BMC injection molding machine, oil pump uses a gear pump, the capacity of the motor is smaller, the electrical control circuit is also relatively simple. The transformation of the power supply circuit of the inverter to a motor, then the flow proportional valve signal (0 ~ 1A), by converting the 4 ~ 20mA or 0 ~ 10V signal to drive the corresponding ports, so as changes in the process, the flow of hydraulic oil is also changing. In general, changes in the relative value takes a larger flow rate signal as a control signal better, changes in the signal-to-drive frequency adjustment range larger; and the pressure signal relative value changed little, small inverter frequency adjustment range of some . If the drive frequency adjustment range can not meet the technical requirements, the available functions of the drive "frequency-gain" to adjust. If you want to use the adjustment range Senlan BT40S inverter function code F27, frequency gain of 50% to 200%. BMC injection molding machine is based on general-purpose inverter drive increased 0 ~ 1A signal conversion link, use more convenient.China into the world's largest production base of plastic -

        More than 60 grams are horizontal BMC injection molding machines, 60 grams to 500 grams of BMC injection molding machine, some a pump, but also some two pumps. A transformation of the oil pump injection molding machine BMC BMC transformation and vertical injection molding machine are the same. Remains removed from the flow proportional valve signal 0 ~ 1A as the drive signal to adjust the speed, although speed is a feedback signal to adjust the hydraulic circuit element to the drive, but there is no regulation loop given signal, the control still belongs to the open-loop control the way. But also because of energy-saving reasons, BMC injection molding machine and medium-sized oil pump may be more than one, such as Mitsubishi 850-MM, 1300-MM, 1800-MM, 2000-MM BMC injection molding machine has three pumps. Corresponding to the injection molding process, the mold stage, the desired system pressure is low, then only the # 1 oil pump, the higher the required clamping pressure phase of the system, 2 # pump to work again, as in the injection stage required maximum pressure, three pumps to work at the same time, the lower the pressure required to release the mold, and then stopped at # 3, # 2 oil pump. Just boot, pump # 1 has been run. Small oil pump with three different stages of the process interrupted work than using a large pump has been running for a saving. How BMC injection molding machine having two or more pumps transformation? Here to transform Mitsubishi 1800-MM BMC injection molding machine as an example to illustrate this. Mitsubishi 1800-MM BMC injection molding machine has three 45kW pump motor with an inverter-driven motor pump # 1, adjusting the drive signal from the BMC injection molding machine flow proportional valve, so that the frequency of this inverter on with BMC Injection Molding Machine change the hydraulic oil flow rate varies. The other two pump motor can be driven respectively by two inverters. However, these two sets of drive motor speed control is not performed, only for two type of control that start and stop. Control the drive start and stop signals, taken from the original oil pump motor start and stop signals. The upper limit frequency of the inverter is set at 50Hz or less specific set values ​​and the size of the workpiece machining, materials, cylinder temperature and other factors. If the inverter operating frequency is lower than 50Hz, you can save energy. In fact, we have left BMC injection molding machine design margin, the workpiece size, oil changes required material will change accordingly. If the injection pressure is too large and insufficient clamping force, the work will appear burr; if less injection force, mold cavity plastic injection will be dissatisfied, scrapped parts; insufficient protection pressure, the workpiece is relatively thick plastic where there will be shrinkage . Operating frequency in this case two inverters is 37Hz, BMC injection molding machine energy-saving rate of 23%.


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