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Injection molding machine at work point to note

time:2018-07-13 11:40:49 From: Sundy


Injection molding machine at work point to note

At the time of injection molding manufacturers, temperature is an important factor affecting the product formed in the vertical injection molding machine, pay attention to several temperature mold temperature, oil temperature, the material temperature. Let's say that at these temperatures.
1. Oil temperature:
When swing vertical machine working, due to the motion of the machine, so that the interior of the injection molding machine hydraulic oil rub against each other to generate heat and cause the oil to rise. At the time of production, to check the oil temperature, oil temperature is normally around 45 ℃. In the injection molding machine production process, the oil temperature is too high or too low will affect the propagation of the pressure.BMC injection molding machine frequency energy-saving speed

2. The material temperature:
That barrel temperature, this temperature is used by the product requirements of materials and products to decide, in production, according to the actual requirements to adjust, while the temperature can not exceed the requirements of the relevant documents. While also taking into account the material and period.

3. Mold temperature:
Vertical injection molding machine mold temperature is also an important parameter, the level of mold temperature greatly affect the performance of the product, so you have to consider when setting up.



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