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Touch the German Industry 4.0, promote China's injection mol

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Touch the German Industry 4.0, promote China's injection molding machine Reform

Germany "Industry 4.0" concept since 2013 stand will be sweeping the world, and explore the endless talk of activity. Industry 4.0 is an ideal world, but also the direction of the world's industrial effort. My Government is also increasing emphasis on industrial automation with intelligence, and to promote the "2025 China's manufacturing" to complete the industrial upgrading, to achieve manufacturing advantages in the new round of industrial revolution.

Automation is the core wave surging detours

Regardless of China's current industrial stage is 2.0 or 3.0, the completion of China as an industrial manufacturing base of the dream of power and 4.0, the current investment in automation has become a hot spot of China's industry.Injection molding machine at work point to note

Between the last two years, almost every business day, the birth of a robot; Number of associated injection molding machine manufacturing enterprises from more than 200 years ago to the current surge of nearly a thousand. Experts predict that in 10 years of the robotics industry will be in a golden period of development, and will enter the competition stage. However, as an important symbol of modern industrial progress - the automation, it really is the "machine Substitution" so simple?

Touch the German Industry 4.0 China to promote the injection molding machine Reform

In fact, the injection molding machine automation is not equal to a simple plus robot / robot on existing processes, the man replaced. It is a systematic project, and is the "number one" in charge of the project. Automation as an important means of lean production, there must be "comprehensive planning, the gradual implementation of the" strategic height of the guiding ideology, but only due to the automation in the overall layout of lean production is the real automation, and then by means of information immediately grasp the production line each station data, in turn, through data analysis to optimize production. Special emphasis is more necessary, with automation investment, companies also need to carry out a series of optimization and adjustment, including enterprise management, personnel structure adjustment, staffing and workshop production, management information system, the cloud of.

Automation, information technology, integration of the two is the key to the essence of the "2025 China's manufacturing plan". Looking to the future, modular, standardized, platform including plastics processing industry, including the development of the manufacturing sector as a whole developments.

Tangible Industry 4.0

Intelligent Manufacturing is the key to a new round of industrial revolution. To complete the "2025 China's manufacturing" to achieve transition from a manufacturing to a manufacturing power, intelligent manufacturing will be the main direction. In the fourth industrial revolution sweeping the globe at the beginning, domestic plastics processing manufacturers are making adjustments to how developed or will develop technologies which meet the needs of the future of intelligent manufacturing?

Injection molding machine self-adjustment technology is a future-oriented technology, with time for a change in working conditions in an active adaptation optimized with the purpose of regulating characteristics, it is an important technology industry 4.0.


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