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Products of the injection molding machine can not be missing

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Products of the injection molding machine can not be missing plastic additives

Plastic additives (Plastic Additive) If the main injection molding machines for production performance, improve operating efficiency and reduce costs. In the injection molding machine products production, it has a very important position. Here we take a look:

1, injection molding machine blowing agent

Plastic blowing agent is a specific temperature can be vaporized low molecular organic compound, such as dichlorodifluoromethane; or the outbreak of an organic compound heated gas. These gases in the injection molding machine plastic substrate to form a lot of small foam bubble structure.Touch the German Industry 4.0, promote China's injection mol

2, flame-retardant injection molding machine

The plastic can be improved flame resistance. Most plastics contain flame retardant has a self-extinguishing, or burning velocity deceleration. Commonly antimony oxide, aluminum, boron compounds, halides, phosphates with tetrachlorophthalic anhydride, phthalic anhydride and other four Australia.

Plastics shall not missing plastic additives

3, injection molding machine lubricants,

When the lubricant is to enhance the release of plastic thermoformed products, improve surface finish with additional material. Commonly used lubricants are: stearic acid and its salts, paraffin wax, synthetic wax.

4, enhance injection molding machine with a filler material

In many plastics, reinforced materials with a large proportion of occupied filler, in particular plastics material reinforced with plastic. The main objectives are: to enhance the strength of plastic with a rigid, generally adding a variety of fibrous materials or inorganic materials. The most common reinforcing materials: glass fiber, asbestos, silica, carbon black, silicates, calcium carbonate, metal oxides.


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