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Injection molding machine exports steady development of prom

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Injection molding machine exports steady development of promising market potential in Thailand

 According to latest Chinese customs data show that in April 2016, Chinese exports of injection molding machines 1967, an increase of 0.6%, growth of 23.9%, exports amounted to $ 91.74 million, an increase of 12.6%, growth of 24.4%; January to April, China's total exports of injection molding machines 8055 units, up 11.1%, exports amounted to $ 348.79 million, an increase of 6.2%. Although in March, the export volume of the injection molding machine appeared slipped slightly, overall, Chinese exports to maintain steady development of injection molding machines.Products of the injection molding machine can not be missing

The main exports before the injection molding machine 10 countries amount proportion has reached 55%, of which Turkey, the United States and Vietnam proportion relative, were more than 7%. Turkey, the export value of the United States, Vietnam and Thailand has reached more than $ 20 million.

    Yoy situation, the first four months of 2016, the number of injection molding machines exported to Turkey, the United States, Vietnam and Brazil and other countries has declined, the amount of decline in terms of the United States and Brazil.

    Countries to maintain good growth in Thailand, South Korea and Iran. China and Thailand has been in the relationship between trade partners. It is reported that this year, from January to March, Thailand's exports to China $ 5.55 billion, down 14.2%, China's exports to Thailand $ 9.8 billion, an increase of 12.4%. Thailand and China bilateral merchandise trade reached $ 15.35 billion, an increase of 1%. Thai trade deficit of $ 4.25 billion, an increase of 89%. China is Thailand's second largest export market and largest source of imports, the largest trading partner of Thailand. Plastics and rubber machinery and electronic products are the two primary commodity exports to China, Thailand, January-March exports were $ 1.69 billion and $ 1.32 billion, accounting for 30.4% in Thailand and 23.8% of China's total exports, with exports of plastics and rubber It fell 27.1%, while the export of electromechanical products increased 8.2%.

    Plastics industry companies have been very optimistic about the Southeast Asian market, as land costs and other factors, many companies will migrate to produce in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and other countries. The advantage is that in Thailand, the country's foreign currency export business without restrictions, no export requirements, local content requirements No raw material and manufacturing no stake limits. In addition, the maximum amount of free enterprise corporate income tax for eight years, foreign investors also have land ownership. This is attracting a lot of investors.


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