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Extrusion die should pay attention to the four items - Injec

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Extrusion die should pay attention to the four items - Injection molding machine

Extrusion die  Injection molding machine belongs to a mold, which is a non-precision plastic forming process for cutting, with total internal temperature between the crystallization temperature (iron and steel materials 200-850 ℃) heating temperature is between. Extruded parts high strength, rigidity, light weight, with precision surface roughness almost in machining. When we use the injection molding machine extrusion die to note the following four items.

1, mold material

Die extrusion  Injection molding machine operating cycle experience, because subjected to high temperatures, high pressure with alternating loads, the requirements of the mold steel should possess strength, hardness, toughness, wear resistance with good red hardness.Precision injection molding machine into a large-scale enter

2, mold structure

In the mold structure design, mold structure should be considered as beneficial to the metal flow, mold each part by force, sufficient to consider the cavity cross-sectional shape, working part should be smooth connection, try to avoid sharp corners, caused by a stress concentration source slit prevents heat treatment experience with extrusion cracking phenomenon.

3, the surface treatment toughening

Should adopt reasonable toughening treated with surface hardening, the mold made good overall strength and toughness with high surface hardness, wear resistance performance with anti-mucosa, effectively enhance the use life of the mold. Such as injection molding machine temperature extrusion die technology: normalizing heat deformation (960 ℃, insulation 1.5h) + isothermal ball annealing (900 ℃, incubated for 5 hours) + quenching temperature (1000-1050 ℃, oil quenching) temperature + tempering triple penetration process for review toughening process. Again 3Cr2W8V extrusion die temperature: 1100 ℃ heat insulation with baked precooling 2-3min, then placed in a salt bath, 390 ℃ baked cooled to room temperature and incubated 0.5h isothermal quenching 560 ℃ × 2h tempering twice.

4, reducing friction with lubrication method

In order to reduce the injection molding machine with the blank mold surface in direct contact with the mold surface or rough brush invasion lubricant to reduce friction, but also to enhance the thermal conductivity. Before heating the blank with the dip also reduce oxidation and decarbonization. Production found: + graphite boron oxide, boron oxide + molybdenum disulfide, graphite or water that is oil, graphite, molybdenum disulfide + + oleic acid, alumina, silica sand + + lubricant such as boric acid, can get a good lubricating effect.



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