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Injection molding machine manufacturers revolution inexhaust

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Injection molding machine manufacturers revolution inexhaustible

China's plastics machinery industry output growth rate in recent years at around 30%, China's machinery industry is one of the fastest growing industries. With the increasingly intense competition in plastics, energy saving injection molding machine has become the market mainstream.
Compared with conventional hydraulic injection molding machines, injection molding machines because they do not use hydraulic oil, and therefore cleaner, also means that cooling is not required, so there is the cooling circuit acquisition, operation and maintenance costs incurred while reducing energy consumption by up to 30 % to 50%, and stable operation, high repeatability, especially for precision injection. As mobile phones and other electronic products growing in thin shell, the demand for all-electrics will be more. In Japan and European markets, injection molding machines have been large-scale use of sticks. New projects in the country, the model has also been recognized as presses business development focus.How to control the temperature of the injection molding mach

At present, the Chinese injection molding machine, still three-plate-based, and developed countries in Europe, a compact two-platen injection molding machines, has become the mainstream market, access to a wider range of applications in the new project. Two board machine than the three-panel machine reduces a template, and thus a lower cost, opening and closing cycle is shorter and more efficient. But within this model the complex structure of the cylinder piston, hydraulic valves can not be installed when the cylinder piston is small, it can not use the minicomputer, generally applicable to larger models. Two board machine is the mainstream of the development of the mainframe, to accelerate the development of these models is the domestic enterprises should focus on research. Fortunately, there are domestic enterprises in the development and production of injection molding machines two boards.


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