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Injection molding machines benefit from the prosperity of th

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Injection molding machines benefit from the prosperity of the automotive industry in Mexico

 Between industry, not the individual alone, but intertwined, interdependent ECOWAS, discerning entrepreneurs can learn by analogy, the best use to make it in the industry leader. The increase in auto industry production, injection molding machine is concerned, there will be unpredictable market prospects.

According to local trade association Released: 2020, Mexico will produce five million cars a year, and this message is expected to lead to more than 20% of the plastic injection molding machine company was profitable, and promote the prosperity of the injection molding machine business.

President of the Mexican National Automotive Industry Trade Organisation - Eduardo Solis published in Plastics News, said:. "Based on the Mexican light vehicle OEMs the latest investment plan, an increase of injection molding machines from vehicle production to benefit."Injection molding machines Operation

Last week, he told Solis held in Mexico City on industrial location & Logistics Summit delegates attended: "This is a tough prediction."

According to Amia data show that: in Mexico in April a total production of 1,132,481 cars amount, 10.7% higher than the same period in 2014.

In addition, Solis added: "This year, automobile production will reach 3.4 million, while 2017 is expected to be as large as 4 million annual production."

He said in an injection molding machine Published News Online: "With the development of machinery, stamping, casting and forging, now, has become the injection molding machine and automotive industry eager to develop breakthrough products."

According to Amia cited statistics Mexican Ministry of Economy of the show: from 1999 to 2014, in the field of automobile manufacturing, including automotive original equipment manufacturers and suppliers, a single foreign total amount of investment reached $ 37.6 billion (24.5 billion euros).

Mexico Torres, director of Ford's purchase at the meeting said: "We will continue to invest heavily in the automotive manufacturing industry."

However, he then added for:.. "First, the government needs to constantly adjust policies to ensure the sector to attract more investors to invest and promote industrial development Second, the technology should strengthen technological innovation and further improve the technical conditions last, we need to continue to improve and develop infrastructure and improve the accuracy of public utilities consumption costs.


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