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Selection and technical requirements of the injection moldin

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Selection and technical requirements of the injection molding machine dedicated car lampshade

Today, cars have become a necessity of life, the demand for cars has been increasing, especially in the car's performance and appearance. This prompted the car manufacturer to manufacturing processes, quality requirements to make innovative, even across sex change, car shade selection and change the technical requirements of the injection molding machine, it is one of them.

    We can say that now Two-plate injection molding machine precision than earlier conventional three-plate injection molding machine, injection molding machine is auto parts industry has been leaps and bounds in technology innovation. Three-plate injection molding machine for its machine hinge structure itself (crank-type) design reasons, the maintenance is difficult, easy to wear, poor cleanliness many defects will eventually lead to the loss of the whole template parallel precision injection repeatability, and thus can not meet the high-precision tooling.Some small injection molding machine maintenance experience
    Two-plate precision injection molding machine can make up for many deficiencies in addition to three-plate injection molding machine, it also includes other value-added special features to meet the needs of the injection mold. As the following three features:

    1. The high-voltage slow mold features. For some strong plastic-coated molds, three-plate injection molding machine can not be opened, and the Two-plate injection molding machine using the "high-pressure die slow start" function can successfully slow the mold opens.

    2. The second booster function. Some mold has an exhaust system is not smooth, plastic products, stress, deformation, dimensionally unstable, charred rear surface atomization / gas lines, etc., Two-plate injection molding machine using the "secondary booster" function can be reduced by more than bad injection. The three-plate injection molding machine can not be achieved this particular feature.

    3. Yung modulus, mold opening stroke large and small machine footprint. Three-plate injection molding machine switching action is used for cylinder machine (crank-type) to promote the hinge, resulting in maximum opening stroke, the maximum capacity modulus have limitations, and Two-plate injection molding machines directly driven cylinder, the maximum opening stroke the maximum capacity of the three board machines modulus compared to the same model 2/3 large, the whole space with three board machines the same model to be smaller as compared to 1.5 to 2.5 meters.

    Production lamp shade is recommended for injection molding machine

    Today's production processes are moving lamp shade mold precision manufacturing, precision injection molding, processing high precision automated manufacturing process development. A set of high-precision molds for shade selection of the injection molding machine is very important. From the life of the mold, use of raw materials, injection repeatability considerations, the proposed high-precision two-plate injection molding machine for processing, power systems recommended Germany Rexroth variable displacement piston pump, with a high response servo injection valve, so the biggest advantage is the ability to quickly configure a steady supply of injection pressure and injection speed, improve injection repeatability, reduce non-performing rate of injection, while reducing energy consumption. Disadvantage is the high manufacturing costs, higher than the servo power system cost more than 40%.

    To create a high level of precision lamp shade need to configure the tube group (comprising screw assembly), lamp shade is made of resin is generally PMMA (acrylic) and PC, the two resins to screw design, manufacturing process requirements are very high, the slightest mistake will lead to a subsequent injection molding bad (black spots, yellow), feed tube with alloy material manufacture, plus alloy plated screw using branded treatment. The entire tube group in the manufacturing process must be careful not to have corners, screw surface smoothness, high cleanliness requirements; three small pieces (of the screw head group) in conjunction with the head of the screw should not be dead; points plastic head (screw head) the outer teeth and the inner teeth of the screw with the clearance requirements for zero error (with the gap to be tight), if there will be bad with methane gas resulting in yellow resin; and the head tube flange, nozzle touch position adaptation is better, can not have fault (dead), once the feeding tube group are dead it will lead to poor product (black spots).
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