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PET preform injection machine

 PET preform plastic injection molding machine


PET Preform Mould / Plastic Injection Molding Machine for Bottle , Cap

* Screw of big length to diameter ratio, uniform plastication and high plasticizing capability


  * Multi Step adjustment of injection speed or pressure


* Back pressure control of molten plastic


  * Double toggle mold closing system with a large force magnification ratio and a large stroke ratio


  * Very good speed characteristic of high speed mold closing and low pressure mold protection


  * Various kinds of hydraulic ejectors


  * Double proportional, load sensitive hydraulic circuit


  * For big sizes of machines there are several oil pumps in a group, use proportional valve to compensate the difference of pressure or flow between pumps


  * Triple interlock of mechanic, electric and hydraulic devices


  * Hydraulic knockout core device and rotary mold-parting the work piece device


   * Using the computer, electric and hydraulic elements of famous brands in the world


Main Constructure


  A  Injection Unit


  PET Preform Mould / Pastic Injection Molding Machine for Bottle , Cap


  •A07)   Oil temperature indication


  •A08)   Adjustable such back before and after refilling


  •A09)   Auto sprue break


  •A10)   Linear transducer to control programmable injection position


  •A11)   Cold start screw prevention


  •A12)   Sliding Mechanism for hopper


  •A13)   Gas Nitrated hardened screw and Barrel


  •A14)   Screw back pressure con troll with pressure relief valve


  •A15)   Hand Operated Lubrication Unit


   B. Clamping Unit


  PET Preform Mould / Plastic Injection Molding Machine for Bottle , Cap


   •B01)   Five Point twin toggle locking system


  •B02)   Case Hardened toggle, Brackets and links with hardened




  •B03)   Motorized mould height adjustment for quick mould change


  •B04)   Auto tonnage setting facility


  •B05)   Low pressure precise mould protection with pressure and time




•B06)   Five stage Mould closing


  •B07)   Five stage Mould opening


  •B08)   Hydraulic cushioning for consistent mould opening position


  •B09)   Linear transducer to control programmable clamp system


  •B10)   Electrical and hydraulic (Dump value) interlock safety gate


  •B11)   Moving platen with mechanical support with Teflon


  •B12)   Hydraulic Ejector with Multi stroke


  •B13)   Auto lubrication unit


   C. Ejector


  PET Preform Mould / Plastic Injection Molding Machine for Bottle , Cap


  •C01)   Linear transducer to control programmable ejector position


  •C02)   Multiple stroke ejection


  •C03)   Ejector forward/ backward speed adjustable


  •C04)   Ejector forward/ backward pressure adjustable


  •C05)   Two stage in ejector forward/ backward operation


  •C06)   Additional safety of sensing ejector backward position with proximity switch


   D. Hydraulic


  PET Preform Mould / Plastic Injection Molding Machine for Bottle , Cap


  •D01)   Compact and Simple design


  •D02)   Sealing ring imported from Japan, a total four leak-proof protection to


  prevent the oil leakage.


  •D03)   Proportional value for pressure and speed


  •D04)   Variable displacement pump system attached with pulse absorber


  •D05)   High magnetic closed-loop oil filter to effectively remove debris of the


  oil, the filtration is up to 10um.


  •D06)   Easy access to hydraulic elements for ease maintenance


   E. Controller


  •E01)   Display type LCD QVGA B/W of 5.7 “with 100 membrane keys


  •E02)   Multi-CPU control, with 32 bit


  •E03)   Precise temperature control, the precision is of ±1 degree


  •E04)   Four forms of switch at the end of injection, they are time,


  location, pressure, and speed.


  •E05)   Breaker and air switch are imported from Japan, the brand of


  Micro switch is Omron


•E06)   Instruction cycle time of controller in 0.4 microseconds

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